Suez residents continue protests on day seven

By Marwa Al-A’sar

Daily News Egypt

CAIRO: Thousands of Egyptians in Suez continued protesting for the seventh day, mostly in Al-Arbeen Street, the main street in the city, calling for sacking the governor.

“There is no police presence in Suez whatsoever,” a citizen told Daily News Egypt on condition of anonymity.

“Thugs and looters are everywhere, but the people confront them,” he added. “The army forces never engaged with the protesters.”

Army forces, according to him, are protecting the citizens and have arrested several criminals so far.

A medical source told Daily News Egypt that the official death toll so far reached 21 citizens, while about 250 others were injured during Friday’s protests. According to the source, who declined to be named, some were carried to hospitals in Cairo.

“But the hospitals refused to treat them, despite their critical condition, before getting back to the authorities first,” he said.

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