Opposition calls for million man march Tuesday, general strike

By Safaa Abdoun
Daily News Egypt

CAIRO: The April 6 Youth Movement called for a million man march and a general strike on Tuesday.

“We are renewing our demands, we have to continue what started [last Tuesday] and protect the country, we can’t turn back down do, because if we do, even if it’s one step, it will waste all the effort of the past days,” the movement’s spokesperson Mohamed Adel told the Daily News Egypt.

“We are very close, this is the end for Mubarak,” he noted.

“So we have to complete what was started by continuing the strikes and demonstrations in the streets until the people’s demands are met,” Adel continued.

The strike was first called by workers in the canal city of Suez late on Sunday.

“We will be joining the Suez workers and begin a general strike until our demands are met,” Mohammed Waked, another protest organizer, told AFP.

Mosaab Shahrour, a member of the movement, urged all citizens to go on a general strike and go out on the streets. “Workers at factories and government institutions have to go out on the streets …the demonstrations will have to continue,” he said. –Additional reporting by AFP


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