ElBaradei: Mubarak not listening to people with VP

By Sherine El Madany


CAIRO: Egyptian activist Mohamed ElBaradei said Hosni Mubarak’s appointment of a vice president and a new prime minister was useless and he had not listened to the will of thousands of people calling for 30-year-rule to end.

The 82-year-old president picked intelligence chief Omar Suleiman for vice president, the first time he has given someone the position. He also named a former air force commander and aviation minister, Ahmed Shafiq, as prime minister.

“Hosni Mubarak has not heard the people,” said ElBaradei, 68, who has suggested he might run for president if democratic and constitutional change was implemented, describing the appointments as “useless” to Al Jazeera television.

“This is a mere change of people, and we are talking about a change of regime. The Egyptian people are saying one word: ‘The Egyptian president has to leave’.”

The former head of the UN nuclear watchdog called for forming a transitional government to set up fair elections during the telephone interview with the channel.

Protests demanding Mubarak quit raged across Egypt for a fifth day on Saturday.

The United States told Mubarak it was not enough to simply “reshuffle the deck” with a shake-up of his government and pressed him to make good on his promise of genuine reform.

ElBaradei echoed similar concerns, saying: “Any attempt to cover up the public demands will lead to bigger deterioration in Egypt’s security situation, and I hold President Mubarak entirely responsible.”

“The presidency has to be elected by the people. And as long as the regime does not understand that it is time it left and we want a new regime, Egypt will collapse.”

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3 Responses to ElBaradei: Mubarak not listening to people with VP

  1. Adel saleh says:

    Mubarak offerd his guard-dog and his lap-dog for reform. This is worse than just not-listening; this is severe delusional disorder. However, he got this dark hair, how old is he again? I suppose after thrity years of accepting his rule, he must be wondering why now? I love Egypt and support the people but they let this despot do as he pleased for long three decades. This might be misconstrued as pathological docility. Glad it’s almost over.

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  3. melinda huntley says:

    The black hair seems very odd for an 82-year-old man. I hope they really topple this man and his government, each and every one. The Americans are dithering while Rome is burning! This is a historic moment for Egypt and indeed the whole region.

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